split w/ Blood Scroll

by Gloriam Draconis

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Tracks from the split with Blood Scroll back when Gloriam Draconis was still a 1 man project.

We are sold out of physical copies of this but Depressive Illusions Records may still have some for ordering.

Recorded by Will Vanskike in Marysville CA

Cover by Dalton Blacksmith


released March 31, 2015

GD line up for these recordings:

Invoker A.S. 218



all rights reserved


Gloriam Draconis Sacramento, California

Arcane Acausal Aural Majesty

In transcendent embrace of the abyss...
Salve Diabolus!!!


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Track Name: Belum In Caelo (Dawn)
Anguish of the bastard spawn
Armies rise in setting dawn
Unleash the flames of hatred
Against your ageless enemies

Lord of the light of lies
blighting weakling human flies
Never will your deceiving spies tear out my eyes

Let my uttering be ushered forth
Carved into the stones of eternity
Never will thy lord take from me
Draconian wings

Rise now reptilian sons
Sacrifice the old and young
Ending generations
That oppose immortality

Rivers of tears, lakes of blood
Piles of ash, mounds of bone
Our monuments of ascendancy
To take the throne of god

Legions march on the valley of Megiddo
To proclaim the demise of an Era
Swords and shields glisten under fading sun
Crimson rushed through the sons of thy kingdom come
Trumpets blast as lines of men incline for war
Darkness rips through dawn casting all in shadow
Chants of hatred, anger, fear, pain, pride, and anguish
Rise to torment, striking fervently the sense of all

May my scythe cleave the sky
Laceration cause the tyrant to die
May my sword tear clean through its neck
Erect the Lord's head for legions of black

May all heaven drown in blood of their God

Heu triumphare
Heu libero
Heu uictoria
released February 22, 2015
Invoker: All war chants and hymnals for the vast spurring shock troop legions of the Dark Gods.

Ave Noctulius Ad Infinitum!!!
Track Name: Ave Azerate
Tearing through the drawals of eternal material bound suffering
I am brought before thee, auto-synthesis of an existence
demiurge of self replication
To transform and expand to no end
To the very collapse and inversion of all ends in existence

Zazas zazas nasatanada zazas

Transpire to me now
Endless void of acausal deities
Teach me the lesson of death
So I may live unbound eternally

Zazas zazas nasatanada zazas

I rise amidst the ashes of old
In embrace of the long forgotten

Lying in the ruins of ages untold
Rushing forth with legions of risen/rotten
Forever suffering endless stairs to a throne
To extinguish rule of long begotten
Curses to thee thy father fabricated false archetype

Zazas zazas nasatanada zazass

Laying ruin to thy altar
Insinuating the truth bearing light

Zazas zazas nasatanada zazas
Track Name: Haunting to No End
Snowfall breaks and blight the skies
As aimless wandering follows downcast eyes
Ever prudent Geists broken but true
Walk in introspective self inflicting rue

Forests nurturing rightfully detesting trees
Gasp and claw at breath flowing from spiritual debris
Fleeing the anguish of mistaken malicious hearts
To the embrace of tranquil solace; solemn way of black arts

My core torn from the warfare
An Immortal idea of love
Leaving a shell of a tyrant
Scornfully below the ideals of above

Break these mended yearning wings
Time and time again
Strip my thoughts of times past
So that I may undue Haunting to No end
released April 17, 2015
Invoker: All methods of astral evocation to the ascended dead .

Ave Mortis Gloria!!!
Track Name: Athanor
Through the perils of the ages
Through the grip of gravity
Through fostering godling parasites
I ensure the ascendance of humanity

Having endured the fall of titans
Cannibalism of endless empires
Recycling homicide of pantheons
Reducing stability; kindling Thy fires

Hark the untold black prophecy
Hail this new found grace
Call down the wrath of the enslaver
avail death to his scornful face

Infinite cascading momentum
Uproaching the dawn of demise
Seek fluently through shades of digression
the path to which you hold from the blind

behold the will from the heart of flame
And rise to wash the old world away
The watchers await reawakening
To be the light of an age for humanity

Solitary circadian rhythms
Hold shear might from finding root in our eyes
For what lies wait in the dark of the cosmos
Upholds the enlightened like gods among flies
released April 17, 2015
Invoker: All nexions of triumphant Promethean proclamation.

Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam!!!